Khadys Dream & The UK Criminal Justice System

The UK Criminal Justice System
  • Guest Speaker

    Ex-female prisoner.

  • Session duration:

    1 Hour

  • Suitable for:

    Schools, Colleges, Councils & Local Communities.

  • Session aims:

    Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the following areas:

Below you can find an overview of Session 1.


Khadys Dream

Who are we & what we do?

Introduction about how Khadys Dream was formed and our goals with a background story about the CEO.

Your rights

Understanding of your rights when stopped and searched by the police whilst exploring the options to make a complaint when necessary.

Court procedures

Describing what happens inside the courtroom and the differences between a magistrate court and a crown court.

Solicitors and barristers

Exploring the different roles of a solicitor and barrister whilst understanding the importance of gaining access to a good legal representative.

Sentencing guidelines

Highlighting the purpose of a sentencing guideline and the different measures that are taken into consideration before passing on a sentence.