Prison Life

Prison Life
  • Session duration:

    1 Hour

  • Suitable for:

    Schools, Colleges, Councils & Local Communities.

  • Session aims:

    Participants will develop an understanding of the reality of life in prison, with a particular emphasis on the following areas:

Below you can find an overview of Session 2.

Types of prisons

Different types of prisons, such as CAT A, B, C, D and categorising of a prisoner.


Understanding how being part of a gang in prison is very serious and how it can become even more dangerous once someone gets out of prison.

Debts & Drugs

The danger of debts, you may face in prison with the consequences of unpaid debt and unpaid debts left in society also.

Mental health

Exploring the mental challenges faced in prison, including day-to-day difficulties and the potential for these challenges to worsen, and become irreversible over time.