Ripple Effect (Friends, Family And Community)

Ripple Effect (Friends, Family And Community)
  • Guest Speaker

    A mother/member of the community explaining how the ripple effect has affected them.

  • Session duration:

    1 Hour

  • Suitable for:

    Schools, Colleges, Councils & Local Communities.

  • Session aims:

    Participants will be able to demonstrate an understanding of:

Below you can find an overview of Session 3.

Prison visits

Prison visits – Who can visit you, security, how often you are allowed visitors, and how dangerous a prison visit can turn into due to violent attacks.

The well-being of the family

Whilst in prison understanding that you are useless, and the well-being of your family may deteriorate and there’s nothing you can do, you are powerless.

Funerals and deaths

Once in custody, the reality is you must become a norm to death due to the high rise of suicides and gang violence whilst also understanding the risk of not attending the funeral of a loved one.

Ripple effect

“You never do a sentence alone”. Understanding the ripple effects of your actions and how many people are affected.