Life after Prison / Rehabilitation

Life after Prison - Rehabilitation
  • Guest Speaker

    High profile ex-offender.

  • Session duration:

    1 Hour

  • Suitable for:

    Schools, Colleges, Councils & Local Communities.

  • Session aims:

    Participants will demonstrate an understanding of the following areas:

Below you can find an overview of Session 6.

Society and community

Issues around returning to society after prison. – how to adapt to normal life. – keeping up appearances, comparing yourself to your peers and how this can lead to someone reoffending to afford a comfortable life they were living before.

Social media

The pressure of social media on newly released prisoners. Exposing how social media will affect your decision-making and thinking.

Mental health

Describing the effect changes your mental health status changes from being confined to space 24 hours a day to being out in the open and the challenges.

The future

Exploring the potential challenges that lie ahead, such as dealing with a criminal record, adjusting to life on parole, and reintegrating into society. These difficulties can pose a significant burden that might be overwhelming to handle.


Life with your Family will never be the same again. An in-depth explanation of how time apart created separation and time that you may never get back with your loved ones again.