Session at the New Horizons Youth Club

I recently had the opportunity to deliver a session at the New Horizons Youth Club, which was a great experience. This youth club is not like your average youth club, as it supports young people and adults who are dealing with homelessness. Due to their difficult circumstances, these individuals are more vulnerable to committing crimes.

Not having a stable place to live can make even the most basic tasks, such as taking a shower, ironing clothes, and using a microwave, extremely challenging, which can affect their mental health and daily decision-making. With the high cost of living, homeless people often struggle to survive, and the temptation to commit crimes can increase.

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During my session, I talked about the long-term effects of committing a crime and the hidden consequences that come with it. I emphasized that while I understand the need for food and shelter, stealing even a loaf of bread from a store like Sainsbury’s can lead to legal consequences that can quickly escalate.

I also explained the process of getting stopped and searched by the police, which can be particularly challenging for homeless people and foreigners due to language barriers and a lack of education about their rights. I broke down the S.E.A.R.C.H. abbreviation to help them remember how to handle a stop-and-search situation: S: Stay calm.

It is important to stay calm during a stop and search because the police have the power to stop you if they have reasonable grounds to do so. E: Evidence. Listen carefully to why you are being stopped and searched and try to take mental notes. A: Ask a question.

It is within your rights to ask questions, especially if you have doubts. R: Receipt. Always ask for a receipt, as it is proof of the stop and search and can be valuable evidence later on. C: Confidence. Always remain confident.

The police may have the power to stop and search you, but they are human just like you. H: Hold to account. Make sure the police understand that they are accountable for the stop and search by taking down their details Overall, the session at the New Horizons Youth Club was a great success, and I hope that the information I provided will help these individuals navigate difficult situations with more confidence and understanding.