Unveiling Crime Realities: Types and Impact

In society today, there are many different crimes being committed. Drug offences among young people are the most committed offences due to the potential gains. Every young person has their reasons for committing a drug offence, whether that’s buying, selling, or using drugs – it’s still an offence. The reason drugs are so popular is because of the monetary rewards.

From various blogs, news articles, films, and TV shows, there’s a portrayal that selling drugs is the only way out of poverty. While watching these shows, you might not realise it, but it’s gradually programming the idea into young people’s minds that selling drugs is the starting point to escape poverty. A similar effect happens with rappers; they often mention that there was a stage in their lives where they had to resort to selling drugs.

As young people, the moment they feel a need for cash or believe they are in poverty, they might turn to selling drugs because this concept has been instilled in them through the media they watch and the music they listen to. This is why drug offences are the most common among young people, and there’s also a variety of drugs involved.

The illegal drug market in the UK is estimated to be worth £9.4 billion. The second most common offence against young people is violence against another person. Youth violence is extremely worrying, as it involves the safety and health of young individuals, which is genuinely dangerous. In today’s society, young people believe violence is a form of currency. Committing violence against someone else is seen as a way to gain status, and it’s something they can use.

Young people hold the same view towards causing harm to others as they do toward money because they can see the rewards, envy the power, and almost taste the success. This is alarming because the more young people feel this way, the more dangerous and unsafe the streets of London become.

A significant amount of violence occurs in our London streets, and without the appropriate tools, it will only persist. This issue is spreading like a disease and requires patience and repeated efforts to tackle. Instilling fear in young people at a young age is key, achieved through education and by making the consequences of crime visible.

By highlighting the issues people face and showing the lasting effects, we can help young people make better decisions for the future.